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Arthur Glovchynski.

Front-End Web Developer, Webdesigner, Graphic Designer & Translator.


Let me describe every part of this heading:

Front-End Web Developer - shortly - I creat functioning (and functional) websites based on content-management systems like WordPress or GetSimple. I take care about managing and operating on website's features for my clients, and to make it easy for visitors to easily lurk through the project.

Webdesigner - I design templates and themes using "clean code", but also create those directly designed to use with CMS like GetSimple. I correct any other designer's mistakes and errors, and also develop new features like responsiveness or animations.

Graphic Designer - I create advertisements, logos, banners, posters - both raster and vector - using popular Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator).

Translator - I translate documents, articles, texts, games and software from English to Polish and from Polish to English.

About me

I'm a teenage, student of Information Management and Bibliology at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland. By education, I'm a humanist and pianist; my hobbies are writing, games, blogging. I work as a freelance website developer, graphic designer and translator.

My front-end adventure started in 2012, when I created a free hosting project called HPBF. During this few years I mastered the mandatory and optional knowledge of website creation, semantic code, responsiveness and best UX/UI techniques. After that I tried to develop WordPress and GetSimple, on which I build my every project. I have already cooperated with many individual clients and corporations, both from Poland and abroad.

In the meantime I interested in graphic design, I invested in Adobe software and started learning vector graphic design. Today I can call myself an intermediate in using this software and creating works by them.

My services

Services, which I can do for individual clients and companies.



Graphic Design



Selection of my best works.

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Modrzejewski BHP

Projekt strony internetowej dla firmy consultingowej i trenerów personalnych. Wykorzystany WordPress, do tego integracja z SSL.

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BlackOut Escape Room

Projekt strony internetowej dla włocławskiego oddziału BlackOut. WordPress i integracja wtyczki rezerwacyjnej.

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Avocado Style

Wektorowy projekt logo dla marki odzieżowej z Wrocławia.

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Projekt sklepu internetowego firmy komputerowej Pro-comp. WordPress i integracja z Woocommerce oraz MailChimp.

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Projekt strony internetowej dla polskiej firmy zajmującej się lotnictwem, dronami i szkoleniem pilotów.

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WWW + Grafika


Projekt serwisu społecznościowego dla początkujących i zaawansowanych blogerów. Stworzenie logotypu, WordPress oraz integracja z wtyczkami i SSL.

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